Home Color Kit


DIY At Home Color Kits

Salon Pink now offers our existing color guests an easy way to maintain your custom color at home with our contactless Color Kits—available for pick up or delivery

Root Touch Up / Grey Coverage $65

(covers 1 inch of regrowth)

Color Gloss for Shine   $25   

(covers up to shoulder length hair)

Root Touch Up + Color Gloss     $85


Each kit includes:

* A bottle with a developer already mixed and measured
* 1 color tube (per our records)
* 1 pairs of gloves
* 1 shower cap



A color kit is for guest that can’t get into the salon due to quarantine or having just travelled in need of a root touch up. Color kits aren’t to take away the salon experience BUT simply to give customer satisfaction during tough times. They can have their hair colored which will provide massive value to their day and Mental Health.

Color Kits are only available to guests that have been to Salon Pink for 2-3 visits as we will have their correct formula in the system. This also helps the guest to be infused into our culture filled with a great SP Experience; reminding them that a COLOR KIT is to past the time BUT an SP Experience is second to none.

A color kit can only service roots and toning of ends NOT highlights, balayage or any color placements a guest may have. Guest must be told NO if they don’t fit the criteria, if you are at all confused you must ask the respective stylist.

Once order is received, you must verify guests’ details (Name, and color notes) to ensure they meet the criteria for a kit. Once you have gathered their color notes verify with their respective stylist to ensure the guest is getting the correct color (MINIMAL TO NO MISTAKES)

Assembling a color kit:

You will need 1-2 syringes, a pair of disposable gloves, 1 shower cap, 1 application brush

If guests bring back brush, they get 10,000 hair miles in their account

  • Find color notes by searching guest name, visit notes/ notes and choose the most recent formula. Then verify with the stylist to ensure correct formula is being used


If formula is one color as oppose to a combination of 2-3 colors. Guests will be given the whole tube of color (pending the amount of hair they have). If they only have a little bit of hair color will be inserted into a tube.


  • Each syringe must contain 45mls of color (this allows for guests not being professional stylist and may overuse the product)
  • For color formulations measure the color out in a bowl to being with, then use spoon to pace into the syringe ensuring all color gets in

Always keep top on syringe when placing color in, this will lessen the amount of air in tube (less oxidation)


  • Once color has been placed in syringe, take the plunger (see pic below) and insert into the plunger until you feel the LOCK position. This will ensure that minimal air gets in avoiding oxidization.
  • Next pour the designated amount (45mls/60mls) of peroxide into the syringe with the top on using the markers on the side and then place the syringe sideways and inserting the plunger. Some may come out the cap, just remove cap (with syringe standing upwards) wipe access and place cap back on.
  • Once both syringes are filled place into box lying flat along with gloves, cap and brush ready for collection