Policies and Procedures


Salon Pink is committed to sterilising and taking our own initiative to ensure we keep our staff and guests as safe as possible. If for whatever reason you are feeling under the weather please contact us ahead of time. We are also committing to extend the same courtesy should in case any of our stylists fall under the weather.

All staff at Salon Pink have been provided with all necessary PPE, (mask, gloves and aprons), trained in how to use them have completed the Barbicide, Milady Committed to Health and Safety certification and IPC course.


Salon Pink will be operating at a 20% capacity with a minimum of only 3 stylists under a shift work basis. Due to this, all customers are required to come alone to their appointment at their specified time. All minors however must be accompanied by 1 adult.

Ultimately, we expect that customers will follow the respective requirements on testing, quarantine restrictions and other advice issued by the Department of Health, before coming to the salon.  We encourage each and every one of you to take the necessary precautions as it relates to the world known Coronavirus.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. |