Sunday, 17 December 2017


There are numerous reasons why many young people are increasingly choosing an Apprenticeship. People who have taken an Apprenticeship in the workplace generally have much more confidence with the skills they have learnt. They are also better able to meet the expectations and needs of employers. Here at Salon Pink our apprenticeship program is a 2year program new to the island and has been designed for the apprentices to be trained at an international level with high expectations in the hairdressing industry worldwide. The Salon Pink Apprenticeship program combines on-the-job and off-the-job training. This means you’ll spend time in a business working towards a work-based qualification, and time with a learning provider (Bermuda College) working towards a technical qualification and key skills.

Salon Pink’s apprenticeship program requires you to attend Bermuda College during the execution of your apprenticeship. Salon Pink’s apprenticeship program welcomes anyone who has a passion for the hair, beauty and fashion industry, is a hard, loyal and dedicated worker looking forward to a great career at Salon Pink. The main benefits of an Apprenticeship are:


Because you learn on the job, you are an employee, as an employee, you are entitled to a wage, which means you earn whilst you learn. An apprentice is entitled to a full minimum wage during their Apprenticeship (Wages factor in the cost of the training being provided by the salon and trainers). After successfully obtaining an NVQ2 Hairdressing qualification, they are entitled to a commission based salary.


You will be provided a mentor who helps you progress with your training and develops a learning plan to best suit one’s learning needs; addressing the areas where attention may be needed. Your training will bring you up to the standards that employers require for you to execute the job thoroughly and professionally.


Many apprentices are given jobs with the employers they trained with. Apprentices are often fast-tracked by their employers for promotion to more senior positions.


Each apprentice will receive Apprenticeship in Hairdressing and a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Hairdressing (from Bermuda College)

The key techniques founding the Salon Pink philosophy will be passed on to you, the newest generation of qualified hair stylists. Your apprenticeship will be split into three main phases covering all the bases needed to provide you with an extensive path to hairdressing success. The quality and content of each stage changes as you progress through your apprenticeship. Throughout each stage of the program you will be regularly assessed to ensure that you are attaining and exceeding the learning goals required by the Salon Pink standard.

The first phase incorporates fundamental skills that give an essential introduction to all aspects of hairdressing. Itemized below are a few of the subjects you will cover:

  • Perfecting shampooing, blow drying and finishing hair with product.

  • Learning how to style, dress and finish hair.

  • Understanding head shape and bone structure.

  • Learning how to achieve a successful client consultation.

  • Exploring good client care.

  • Cognizing the science of hair.

  • Give clients a positive impression of yourself and the establishment

  • Health and Safety

  1. After having gained experience and competency in the above, you will progress into CUTTING, COLORING and RELAXING hair. This is where classic cutting and coloring skills are introduced.

The second phase of the Salon Pink apprenticeship hauls together several of the skills you have already learned, giving you more self-confidence and better comprehension of the complete role of a hair stylist.

This phase merges further specialized cutting and coloring techniques and the fundamental skills. Itemized below are some examples of the added subjects that will be covered:

  • Styling and dressing long hair

  • Creating basic looks using an array of cutting techniques.

  • Coloring hair using a variety of techniques

  • Relaxing hair while maintain the condition

  • Fulfilling reception duties to tie the whole job together

The conclusion and possibly the most exciting phase of Salon Pink’s apprenticeship is intended to give you the time to perfect the skills you have learned and apply the knowledge you have collected to prepare you for working in a salon environment with some of the best creative minds in the LOCAL industry. Here, you will enhance all of your skills to the standard expected of a qualified Salon Pink JUNIOR STYLIST in preparation for your final assessment.


The NVQ Diploma is assessed in the workplace alongside the Bermuda College. The program calls for a variety of assessment methods inclusive of:

  • Observation of performance (on live clients)

  • Questioning

In the Salon Pink philosophy of further education, training continues to take place once you have qualified as a team member within the salon. You will get to take part in training overseas at the Sassoon Academy and the ASK Academy both in Toronto as well as travelling to London for Salon International.