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2017 The MoMu Modern Mullet

Posted On: January 24, 2017 By: Chelsea

Hate to break it to you but this is NOT a typo…this is officially the yea of the Mullet!!!


Modern Day Mullet




Modern Day Mullet 2Modern Day Mullet 3
Modern Day Mullet 5





Junior Stylist Ciara was well ahead of the curve last year whilst in her pupilage at The London Hair Academy, as she performed this classic 80′s revamp on a client – Image Courtesy of Ciara | Salon Pink Junior Stylist

The point of a mullet is the back is longer and the front is shorter – by converting your cut to clients age and face shape it morphs into the MoMu that will work with just about anyone and is signature to each individual.

The above client came into the salon with below the shoulder length hair and was looking for a change.

The mullet describes a shape and this new version is a fashionable way to wear it – the trick is to make your cut softer and less angular as it is blended and more tampered than the 1980′s original.

With her Funky Style and Unique Personality; she was looking for a haircut that expressed her individualism…and the MoMu Modern Mullet suited her personality perfectly!!!


The Mullet is actually two defined haircuts on one head of hair; the MoMu although still two haircuts is longer around the ears, and shorter on top which is more seamless in 2017.

Ciara, started off by cutting the base to the length of a Bob; then she cut the top to the desired length and connected it to her fringe (bang) in addition to connecting  it to the base length by using a razor to blend. Ciara, used the razor to take any weight out and add texture. Ciara, then cut into her fringe (bang) to give her a more choppy look as she preferred effortless styling methods.

Finishing consisted of using a Salt Spray i.e. OSIS+ SESSION Sea Salt Spray & a Matte Pomade i.e. OSIS+ Mess Up Pomade 

(OSIS+ Styling Products Available at Salon Pink)

Please note ladies that should you be expressive enough to try this 2017 hair trend – remember if you find shortly after that this look is a bit “much” for you; you can always cut your hair at the back shorter to take this style from two cuts too one!!!



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